The ancient Egyptians built elaborate fortresses and tunnels and even posted guards at tombs to stop grave robbers. In today's America we call that estate planning.
~Bill Archer~

Personalized Wealth & Estate Planning affords you the Desired Lifestyle! Since 1996, we have provided professional investment, retirement, estate and financial planning services to high net-worth individuals and families, corporations, and family trusts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow our clients’ assets by maximizing assets and minimizing costs. We do this by utilizing tax-minimization strategies and various types of income-splitting opportunities, enabling us to provide remarkable results for our clients.

Personalized Service

We provide personalized services taking into consideration the individual needs of each client. Our niche is offering a full range of professional services including the tax planning necessary to conserve your investments and earnings. We take pride in giving personalized care to each of our clients by making ourselves available around-the-clock for all your needs, whatever they may be and whenever you need us.


Estate Planning is something that virtually everyone needs. Many wrongly believe that estate planning is only for the super-rich. The word 'estate' somehow implies great wealth. But the fact is that an estate can be a house and several thousand dollars or a mansion and many millions.
Our estate planning services include:
  • Establishing a personalized estate plan – allowing you and your family to manage the future and retirement with greater certainty.
  • Assistance with wills – allowing you to choose beneficiaries and ensure that each member gets exactly what you want them to get without unanticipated taxes.
  • Strategizing to minimize taxes on your estate including:
    • Avoiding or minimizing probate taxes
    • Reducing taxes with planned giving
    • Effective income-splitting strategies including using Family Trust structures
We work closely with families to ensure that their plans address the family's values, mission, philosophy and long-term goals. For owners and operators of existing businesses, we also take into account the special challenges they face, such as:
  • ownership and management
  • succession planning
  • strategic development
  • taxation of the business


As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Jonathan can provide complete financial planning for you and your family. Financial planning involves assessing your income, assets, liabilities, as well as your values, dreams, wants, needs, and time horizons. Our personalized strategy will help you achieve your financial goals.
Some of the benefits you can reap from financial planning are:
  • minimizing taxes and maximizing returns
  • retiring comfortably and securely
  • increase savings and optimize wealth growth
  • increase your cash flow
  • save funds for special goals like higher education
  • transfer the assets of your estate to your heirs in the most effective way
Financial planning includes retirement planning, investment planning, and estate planning. We are able to provide all of these services to you under one roof. Our expertise, backed by our accounting and taxation backgrounds, allow us to stand out in an industry where true integration yields tremendous value.


We understand your goals and dreams are as individual as you are, and therefore provide unique, personalized attention to each client. Our investment planning services include assisting clients with diversification, strategic asset allocation and personalized risk management. We help you make the best investment decisions factoring in all relevant tax considerations to achieve your current and future goals.
Our investment planning services include:
  • initial assessment of needs and services
  • maximizing returns while minimizing risk
  • choosing the right tools to build your portfolio
  • minimizing taxes
  • saving for education and retirement
Our objectives for you include:
  • capital preservation
  • funding lifestyle through cash flow
  • portfolio appreciation
  • risk management


Planning ahead for your retirement is one of the most important steps you can take to secure a sound future for you and your family.

The demand for our retirement planning services has continued to increase in recent years. More and more people are worried about outliving their wealth or concerned about ensuring that they leave their families in optimal positions, minimizing taxes and probate, and often come to us for assistance with planning their retirement comfortably.

Our complete services include:
  • determining how much money you will need
  • making the most of your RRSPs
  • helping you retire early
  • optimizing the estate that you leave behind for your family
  • managing retirement income ie. maximizing cash flow while minimizing taxes
We focus today so you can have a secure future tomorrow. We provide services that go beyond traditional financial planning as we are steps ahead with our tax planning that of course must always go hand-in-hand with retirement planning.