Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises!
"Jonathan has been my go to tax advisor, and financial planner for several years. He has guided me with great wisdom, looking after my best interests. Always there to answer my calls without delay, he has given me great peace of mind. Thanks Jonathan for your professional and sincere approach."
Financial planning and cross-border tax client

"Jonathan and his team put several years of back income tax returns in order for my wife and I. Jonathan also helped us understand our financial and investment priorities as we move towards retirement and beyond. We look forward to working with him on any changes that may affect our plans over the years."
Professional engineers

"My husband and I are both young professionals just starting out. Jonathan Ruben and his team have been extremely helpful with assisting us in starting up our corporations and managing our expenses. He examines things in great detail and is always available to answer any questions we may have had along the way. He is definitely one to be trusted and we have not hesitated in recommending him to our colleagues".
Medical doctors

“I have been working with Jonathan for many years. He is a very professional and trustworthy individual that I respect. All the clients I referred to him always come back with positive comments. Jonathan, you will always be my number one accountant for referral.”
Banking executive, financial services, 100 employees

“My business has had the benefit of Jonathan Ruben and his trusted team’s professional advice since the inception of the business. I continue to be impressed by his dedication, knowledge and monthly updates. I would not hesitate to recommend him and always do.”
Owner-manager, legal services, 3 employees

"Whatever I pay you will be the best money I have spent in my entire life"
Owner-manager, health services and investments

"Seems to me, after taking a peek at Jonathan's website, that testimonials listed do not represent a segment of Jonathan's clientele. All submissions come from small to large business owners, employing from 2 to almost 700 people.
I am a reasonably successful individual, working in a large publishing firm. Jonathan has been doing my taxes and providing sound financial advice for over 10 years.
He gives me the same high level of attention that he gives the large firms he represents. As his business has grown, one would expect to see him devote increasingly more time and energy to larger clients and, by extension, less to people like me, but this isn't what he's all about. A major success measure for Jonathan is the satisfaction level of his clients, regardless of size.
I'd recommend him strongly and without reservation to anyone looking for honest, competent, and timely accounting services. His dedication is unparalleled!"
Executive, international publisher

"I contacted Jonathan based on several recommendations from friends who have used his accounting services both professionally and personally. I interviewed several people, but decided to go with Jonathan. Great decision! My books were a mess, and Jonathan and his team patiently guided me through the process, and helped me get everything in order. What I value is Jonathan and his team's knowledge in many areas of accounting and business, their quick response to questions, their accessibility, and practical approach. Jonathan will always give you the pros and cons of different options, and help you make the right decision. I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan Ruben Professional Corporation to anyone who asked."
Owner - manager, retailer, 7 employees

"After starting out with another accountant and experiencing the frustration of a start-up business with a dream not being taken seriously, we met with Jonathan who quickly and astutely spotted several great opportunities for growth within our company.
Over 10 years later and with the help of Jonathan's team's tireless passionate effort setting goals, keeping us on track with metrics, visual reporting and consistently insightful advice, guiding us through the SR&ED maze yielding annual 6 figure refunds, structuring incentive plans for our team, securing financing, and playing the very critical CFO role to an absolute 'T' - always bringing value to the table, our revenue has grown by more than 20 fold.
Every member of our management and internal accounting teams have enjoyed their interaction with the JRPC team immensely and find their accessibility and extreme responsiveness an absolute pleasure. We highly recommend Jonathan as a very positive addition to the key advisor group of any business looking to take their game to the next level."
Owner-manager, manufacturer, 30 employees

"I went through three other accounting firms before finally finding JRPC. I consider myself lucky to have found the right accountant after only a few years in business. Jonathan has provided me with exactly what I am looking for, and enables me to make informed decisions about my business. Jonathan has a white-glove, silver-tray style firm, and as such provides an exceptionally high quality level of service. No business should be without this type of accounting firm."
Owner-manager, IT services, 10 employees

"I am a long-term client of Jonathan Ruben. His advice over the years has been not only helpful but right on. Even though his practice grew, Jonathan always makes a client feel that he is the only one. He does this by his sincere interest and knowledge. I would highly recommend Jonathan Ruben CA."
Owner-manager, educational services, 15 employees

"Jonathan has been my CA since day one of the launching of my practice and, over the years, has provided extremely sound advice that has proven to be consistently 'on'. The JRPC staff always stay on top of our bookkeeping and are key members of our professional advisory team, assisting us with a wide range of issues, from timing of incorporating new ventures to structuring financial terms with key strategic alliances - to name a couple. In one rare but very special instance, when a client of ours required emergency assistance, the entire JRPC team stepped up big-time on extremely short notice and literally worked on-site through the entire night under quite intense conditions to make a very profound difference.
Always emphasizing value, Jonathan takes a sincere interest in my financial well being, both corporate and personal, and gives his all, resulting in trusted comprehensive guidance which is very much appreciated. Based on my almost ten years experience working together with JR as my financial sounding board, I would advise entrepreneurs and professionals alike to engage his services."
Owner-manager, professional services, 13 employees

"Working with you and your firm for me has been, and hopefully will be, very efficient. I do not experience any drawbacks from the fact that we are on a different continent. It is at the same level of professionalism we ask from all our advisors."
Tax counsel, equity manager, 665 employees

"Jonathan Ruben has been my CA for several years, providing the most exceptional client service and attention to detail. Jonathan is not your typical CA who you simply see or speak to once or twice a year around tax time; Rather, he and his organization provide a truly integrated approach of combining financial, business, research and investing guidance. He and his team routinely check in with me to ensure that I and my business are accomplishing our goals. Jonathan helped me set goals both personally and financially, building a successful plan that allowed me to ultimately surpass what I thought was possible. He has always been there going above and beyond.
Furthermore, Jonathan and his team are extremely well versed in Research and Development tax credits, a specialty that very few firms of his size provide. His firm has successfully guided our organization to obtaining tax credits for the past three years. What has amazed our organization is Jonathan's ability to identify eligible SR&ED projects, thus optimizing our situation and really helping our business tremendously, especially during our start up period as it made the difference between making money versus losing money.
Jonathan Ruben is not only an incredible CA but a strong mentor and very solid business coach who brings compassion, dedication and enthusiasm to our world. Thanks JR for helping me far exceed all business and personal goals."
Owner-manager, professional services, 20 employees

"I am writing you to indicate how pleased I am with the services you and your excellent staff have provided over many years.
Everyone is on the ball and so willing to help from the most minor to major activity. All of my documents from corporate statements to tax returns have been meticulously prepared and with forethought.
I am particularly happy that anyone I have referred to you has been extremely satisfied and thrilled that I had made them aware of you and your associates. Your tax credits expertise has been particularly beneficial to the companies I have referred to you.
I cannot thank you enough for your excellent guidance."
Owner-manager, technical sales, 2 employees

"Our businesses, structured in corporations and now a trust, as well as 4 generations of our family have been clients of Jonathan Ruben's office since the late 90's. During that time, in addition to preparing all of the requisite statements and returns, Jonathan along with his staff have always been incredibly responsive to any question or concern and have clearly communicated advice on a variety of matters - all focused on the central theme of tax efficiency of our structure (modified during this period) and the flow of funds through the entities and out to the individuals. We value having a CA proactively plan on our behalf and accordingly we recommend JRPC without any hesitation."
Owner-manager, IT services, 3 employees

"I have been using the services of Jonathan Ruben for my personal and business needs for many years. During that time I have found him to be very effective in meeting my needs. He has provided me with good, solid advice that has resulted in a considerable savings to both myself and my corporation. Both he and his staff have responded quickly and effectively to any inquiries that I have made of them and have provided good follow-up. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them."
Lawyer - entrepreneur, mediation services, 2 employees

"As a young health professional working to grow a small business and practice, JRPC allows me to focus on what is important, while remaining confident that my financial and business interests are in capable hands. Their personalized approach to proactive financial planning and tax strategies is second to none."
Owner-manager, professional services, 20 employees
"Over many years now, aside from completing tax returns very competently, Jonathan has provided excellent financial advice on a range of issues including business start-ups, investment advice, retirement and estate planning, to our entire family. We truly value his always being there for us and, with zero hesitation, highly recommend his services."
Physician / entrepreneur, 3 employees

"I have used Jonathan and his staff for many years for my own personal tax planning work and have been continually impressed by their timeliness, professionalism and results oriented commitment to meeting their client's needs. I also have referred to Jonathan numerous US based corporate clients looking for assistance in complying with Canada's tax and filing obligations and they have been uniformly laudatory in their comments about his work."
Partner, 450 lawyers

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jonathan for several years and found him to be very personable, knowledgeable and professional. I personally benefited from his analytical style to problem solving. Through gaining an understanding of each client, Jonathan is able to evaluate the relevant needs and devise an approach to satisfy even the most demanding of clients. His experience with SR&ED tax credits has facilitated his clients in making these claims and realizing these refundable investment tax credits. Jonathan is efficient, possesses a strong work ethic and is passionate both about his work and pleasing his clients."
CA, real estate development, 400 employees

"Jonathan Ruben has provided us with sound and practical advice since we first became clients. He's always there when needed, and responds to our calls without delay. On top of everything else, he is extremely personable and a pleasure to deal with."
Owner - manager, entertainment production and investments, 3 employees

“I have worked with Jonathan Ruben for both my personal tax and estate planning needs as well as complex tax and corporate structuring advice for my corporate needs since 1999 and have always enjoyed the highest level of professionalism and responsiveness.”
CEO, music download service provider, 40 employees

"I am writing this letter to thank you for the guidance and professional service you have provided me over the past several years.
As an entrepreneur, corporate officer and director of a public company, I am often faced with issues that require thoughtful analysis and immediate action. You and your staff have been able to service my needs at a level of professionalism and expertise that I value."
CA - entrepreneur, medical spa services, 400 employees

“Jonathan Ruben and his team of professionals have been, over the years, instrumental in ensuring that our business filings and records are complete and properly filed with Canada Revenue Agency. They are wonderful to work with.”
Lawyer, 3 employees

"I've been working with Jonathan Ruben and his team for more than a decade. Over that time, I have seen a level of responsiveness and comprehensiveness that is rare. To be honest, the level of service that Jonathan provides has repeatedly surprised me in a positive way."
Owner-manager, financial services, 3 employees

"I have been seeking Jonathan Ruben's advice sine 1996 and have been extremely happy with the service he has provided. His extensive knowledge of tax planning and other financial matters are some of the key attributes he brings to the table. The help he has provided me and my family has been invaluable."
Owner-manager, telecommunication sales, 2 employees

"JRPC has been my only accountant since I first started my law firm over 15 years ago. JRPC has always been readily available for my firm in all decision making situations and has aided me tremendously as the firm grew in both staff and business activity. Their advice, in taxation, operations, employee health plans/relations et al., has always been timely, exacting and correct. I highly recommend them, without reservation, to all, regardless of size of operation or type of business."
Owner-manager, legal services, 4 employees

“Since early in my career, JRPC has been a valuable ally in many respects as I grow and develop an operating company and my professional corporation. Their holistic and proactive approach to tax issues and business operations is elite, and enhanced by their timely and efficient communication and follow-up. I recommend them without hesitation to both professionals and those in any field of business.”
Owner-manager, health services, 20 employees

"With their guidance, JRPC has allowed me to surpass my goals each year both professionally and personally. My business, personal and family financial goals are met by a team of experts who are there for us 24/7. The personal attention and communication we receive is unlike any other business. Our business and family is blessed to have met such a firm that we can trust 110% not only with our money, but more importantly, our lives. We know we will be able to surpass our goals, meet our family’s future financial needs and retire comfortably with their guidance. Thank you again for your great care of both our business and family."
Owner-manager, health services, 35 employees